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API Integration

PagerDuty Configuration

Login to your PagerDuty management portal. Navigate to the Service Directory page by selecting the Services tab in the top menu bar.

Use the "+ New Service" button to create a new service.

Provide a Name and Description for the service, and select "Next".

Configure the Escalation Policy, if applicable. Select "Next" to proceed.

For Integrations, choose the "Events API V2".

Then select "Create Service" to complete the service creation.

Obtain the Integration Key from the PagerDuty management portal

If not already on the service configuration page, navigate to the Service Directory page under the "Services" tab in the top menu bar, then select the service to configure.

Choose the Integration tab on the service configuration page.

Select/expand the "Events API V2" integration to reveal the Integration Key. Make a note of key, as it will be used in the Fluency interface in the following step.

Fluency Configuration

Login to the Fluency Cloud portal: https://(companyname)

From the Fluency Main menu, navigate to the API Actions page under the EventWatch tab.

Select the "Manage Actors" button from the top right corner.

Click "+ ACTOR" to open a dropdown menu and select PagerDuty.

Add the Integration Key from the earlier step.

Give the integration a name. Click "SAVE".

The PagerDuty API Actor named "test" has been added.

Next, exit the Actor manager and navigate to the "APIs/Endpoints" tab.

Click "+ API CONFIG" to open a dropdown menu and select "PagerDuty Event".

A default name is entered and can be changed. Choose the PagerDuty action created in the previous step for the "Actor Name".

Select additional API parameters you would like to include and click "SAVE".

Next, navigate back to the "Actions" tab.

Click "+ ACTION" to add a behavior action.

Add the name, any desired behaviors and the Actor API you configured in the last step. Fill in a condition to trigger this action.

Click "SAVE" to complete the configuration.

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