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Featured Integrations

Table of contents
  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  2. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
    1. SentinelOne EDR with DeepVisibility Feed (Hermes) support
  3. Network Solution
    1. Peplink SD-WAN with NetFlow support
  4. Trouble Ticketing System (TTS)
    1. PagerDuty
  5. DDOS protection
    1. F5 Load-balancer

Fluency has the ability to integrate with and accept feed from many devices and services by other vendors. Among those, Fluency chooses to integrates deeply with a select few vendors. Some key examples are highlighted here.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Fluency integrates with various services provided by AWS, such as CloudTrail and CloudWatch. Additionally, Fluency can read from custom SQS queues, or S3 buckets.

The pages in this section detail the steps to ingress AWS data to Fluency. The integrations can be completed individually, following the steps outlined, or all at once, following a CloudFormation script.

Please refer to the section on CloudFormation, for details. This method greatly simplifies deployment, and is the suggested integration procedure, for most use-cases.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

SentinelOne EDR with DeepVisibility Feed (Hermes) support

In addition to the traditional roles of detecting and preventing threats on endpoints, SentinelOne’s DV feed allows Fluency to recreate the network behavior for remote or offsite machines outside of the main local corporate network. A excellent addition in today’s distributed work environment.

Network Solution

As of a recent update to Version 8.1 firmware, Peplink devices gained the ability to export its flow data via NetFlow v9 or v10 (IPFIX). Fluency has the ability to ingress this feed to provide additional network insights. This is in addition to Peplink’s pre-existing capability to export Firewall events/alerts via Syslog.

Trouble Ticketing System (TTS)


Fluency has bi-directional webhook integration with PagerDuty. This integration leverages Fluency’s Action/Actor capability to Send alerts/API actions to PagerDuty and to Receive the corresponding feedback/updates.

DDOS protection

F5 Load-balancer

Fluency has the capability to integrate with on-premise F5 load-balancers to offer DDOS proection in a high-performance network environment.

Table of contents