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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Integrations

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Fluency integrates with various services provided by AWS, such as CloudTrail and CloudWatch. Additionally, Fluency can read from custom SQS queues, or S3 buckets.

The pages in this section detail the steps to ingress AWS data to Fluency. The integrations can be completed individually, following the steps outlined, or all at once, following a CloudFormation script.

The CloudFormation method greatly simplifies deployment, and is the suggested integration procedure, for most use-cases.

For more detailed information regarding AWS usage, refer to the vendor's documentation.

Official AWS Documentation:

The following AWS services are supported:

  • AWS S3 Bucket
  • AWS User
  • AWS Audit
  • AWS CloudTrail
  • AWS CloudWatch Logs
  • AWS CloudWatch Metrics (AWS Monitoring)
  • Other API Integrations

Additionally, the above integrations can be simplified / automated via AWS CloudFormation.

Fluency Web Interface

Login to the Fluency Cloud portal: https://(companyname)

Open the main dropdown menu and choose the Integrations option under the Platform section.

In the right of the following page, there are two tabs. The first one shows integrations that are already configured, and the second one presents all available integrations in Fluency.

In the left of the page, there is a menu bar to view the existing integrations. Click the desired title/subtitle to view/edit the configuration. For example:

Switch to the second tab, "Available Integrations", AWS integrations are found under the section "Coud Infrastructure (IaaS)".

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