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Table of contents
  1. Overview
  2. Three State Selection
    1. Increasing and Decreasing Results
    2. Relationship Between Attributes
    3. Search
    4. Reset
  3. Facet Maintenance
    1. Modifying the Facet
      1. Delete
      2. Add
      3. Order
  4. Loading and Saving a Facet
    1. Saving the Facet
    2. Loading a Facet


The facet acts as a filter allowing information to be focused on or removed from results on the page. Information in the facet is presented first by the field attribute. Results for the field attribute are presented underneath in order of the number of times that value appears in the result set, the count.

In this section these three components are referenced:

  • attribute: how data is grouped
  • value: the values in the attribute field
  • count: the number of times that value appears in the set

Three State Selection

facet types

Next to each value that appears in the attribute group there is a checkbox. This checkbox has three states:

  • open: neutral state, this does not impact the search result
  • checked: focus, results that appear must include one of the checked values in the attributes.
  • crossed-out: exclude, results that appear must not include this value regardless of any other checked values.

Increasing and Decreasing Results

The plus and minus icons next to the attribute increases or decreases the listed values by five (5). The maximum that facet is set to is fifty (50) values.

Relationship Between Attributes

Checked boxes between attribute types act like logical and statements, while checked boxes in the same attribute act as logical or statements.

Crossed-out values are removed from all results regardless of checked boxes elsewhere.

Clicking the search button will perform a search using the checked/crossed-out attributes in the facet.


Pressing the reset button in the facet toolbar will clear all the selected options as well as the text in the search bar.

Facet Maintenance

For each page there is a default facet configuration. Users can, however, create their own facet views and save them for later use.

Modifying the Facet

Next to the search and reset buttons on the bottom of the facet there is an edit button. Clicking this edit button changes the facet window into an edit mode.

In this mode, you can:

  • delete an attribute
  • add an attribute
  • change the order in which the attributes appear


To delete an attribute, click the delete button (trash icon) to the right. It will disappear and maintain the order.


edit facets

On the bottom of the list are two fields. The first field is the title (label) to call the attribute to add. The second field is the dot notation of the address.

example facet addition

When the fields are correct, click “apply” to add to the list.


The list of attributes is draggable. You can change the order of the list and click apply to set.

Loading and Saving a Facet

Facet configurations can be saved for future use.

Saving the Facet

You can save a facet by clicking the save button in the toolbar at the bottom of the facet.

Click the save button, provide a short name and description, and then click OK.

Loading a Facet

Clicking the load button in the toolbar at the bottom of the facet will provide a dropdown of saved searches that apply to the page. Selecting one will prompt the system to either add to the current search or replace it.

Table of contents