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Fluency Web Portal

Table of contents
  1. Supported Browsers

Fluency Web Portal can be accessed with a web browser from anywhere.

You will be assigned a unique URL for your individual Fluency Portal. It will typically be in the following format (For our standard deployments):


You may also have a custom deployment of Fluency. In that case, you may be assigned different URL, or have the option to configure your own.

You will receive crendentials to access your unique Fluency portal during the onboarding process. Please contact Fluency Support for more information, or if you did not receive access to your portal.

Once you have inital access, you can create an unlimited number additional user accounts, at no additional cost.

Supported Browsers

Fluency supports the following Web Browsers:

Browser type
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox

(Please ensure that you are using an up-to-date version)

Table of contents