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Network Traffic Ingress

Network data collection

Fluency supports two main methods of network data collection.

  1. Direct flow capture (On-site devices only): Fluency may provide either a VM or ISO image for an onsite device that can collect network traffic via port SPAN or Mirroring and forward to the cloud.
  2. Netflow Ingress: Fluency has the ability to accept Netflow traffic (normally port 2055). Supported formats are v5, v9, or v10 (IPFIX).

For deployments with on premise collector devices, or those large environments with robust neworking hardware, direct flow capture is preferred. For other deployments (with or without collector), Fluency supports ingress Netflow traffic.

Please refer to your network device vendor's documentations on enabling netflow export.

Please contact Fluency support to upgrade your collector/server instance to install Netflow patch upgrade.

Page last updated: 2023 Aug 09