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At the top of each page is a menu bar. On the left is the menu button, while the right is the welcome dropdown.


The menu button activates the overlay menu.

The welcome dropdown

  • opens the profile
  • signs you out.

Clicking the menu button opens the menu overlay.

There is a close button on the bottom right that will close the overlay. Clicking the back arrow on the menu bar, where the menu button was, does the same thing.

Categories in the menu can be closed to save space.

If the “Pin” button is on, navigating will create a new page.

The menu options are hyperlinks, and to the left-mouse button is active for browser navigation allowing the creation of a new tab or new window when selecting a menu option.

Each section over the overlay menu is organized as follows:

  1. Dashboard on top
  2. Create pages
  3. Dependent pages (pages that require an above page to have done something).