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description: >- Live Analytics is a means to process and display data prior to the database. Live analytics are a means to create a real time dashboard and reports. —

Live Analytics

What are Live Analytics (LA)?

Setting Up LA

  • Creating a Percolator
  • Filtering the incoming data
  • Grouping the Data
  • Statistic Options
  • Viewing Results
  • Creating a Report of Watchers

Example Office365 Geo-Location Report

A single percolator can have multiple statistic options. At times it seems like one percolator may be able to create all the statistical Watchers that you need. This may not be the case.

In this section, we are going to create a report to track Office365 activity to determine who is logging in from where. We first need to determine the data we want to see:

  • Actual Geo-IP of authenticated Users
  • Geo-IP of attempts to get into the system
  • Amount of activity by user
  • Amount of activity by IP address

Creating a Watcher

First we need to create the Watchers. We will start with a single watcher. We can create a watcher that does one thing and save it. Later, if we see a different need, we can edit the Watcher to add additional statistics. Being minimal in the development of Watchers will help keep the clutter down as the system becomes more complex.

  • Navigating to the Watcher editing page.
  • Developing the percolator
    • Setting the filter
    • Grouping the data
  • Adding statistics
    • count
    • sum
    • cardinal
  • Testing the bucket
  • Saving the bucket
    • Provide a name
    • Provide a group

Now that we have one bucket, we need to repeat this for our other widgets.

Creating a Report