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Saved Searches

Table of contents
  1. Page Layout
    1. Adding a Saved Search

Page Layout

Saved searches allow the user to save a set of facets to be used in searches throughout Fluency. These facets are used on the Flows and Events page to display important field information and allow users to filter and view desired information when conducting searches.

The table displays currently configured searches, showing their names, descriptions, data types, queries, and associated fields. Click the +ADD button in the top right corner to configure a new facet.

When creating a new saved search, the name, target, and facet fields are required. The user also has the option to add a description and search query.

Above is an example of a saved search. The name is “Azure” and its description is “Event import from Azure event hubs.”

Underneath is an example of a query; in this case, it is “@source:azure.” This is a Lucene search query, and will filter the results of the search to include only those where the Source field is “azure.”

The target of this search is events. Beneath that are the facets specified for these event searches. With these facets in place, when this saved search is used, all these fields will appear on the facet sidebar with their corresponding values.