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Reputation Feed

Table of contents
  1. Page Layout
  2. Using a Reputation Feed
  3. Adding a Reputation Feed

Page Layout

This page allows you to upload a reputation feed for use with event buckets.

An reputation feed is a URL that contains values (e.g. IP addresses) with known reputations. This feed can be used to create a blacklist for an event bucket to include or exclude events containing a certain value.

Clicking the “IMPORT” button allows you to import a preconfigured JSON file containing reputation feed(s). Clicking the “EXPORT” button will export all currently configured reputation feeds into a JSON file.

Using a Reputation Feed

Adding a Reputation Feed

A reputation feed can also be added manually.

There are five different types of data that can be used to create the reputation feed: IP addresses, FQDNs, email addresses, URLs, and MD5s.