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Host Name

Table of contents
  1. Page Layout

Page Layout

At the top of the page is the search bar. This allows the user to input a host name and retrieve summary data for that address.

Beneath this is a history chart. This chart displays the data for the host name over a 5 week period. To the right is a calendar; each day that had activity corresponding to this host name will have a color indicating the amount of traffic. Clicking on a date will take the user to the flow page with search parameters for the host name with a time range set for the date clicked.

Below the summary data is a table containing every instance of the host name. This displays detailed data on each of the instances including the following fields:

  • Date
  • Inbound
    • Sources
    • Countries
    • Ports
    • Alerts
  • Outbound
    • Systems
  • Files Distributed By
    • Files