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Resource watch is a collection of pages that can be used to keep track of resources, such as SentinelOne agents or Microsoft 365 users. These resource pages are added based on currently ingressed sources.

This is an example of a resource page, using a SentinelOne resource. Each machine is listed, along with information pertaining to the details and status of the machine, such as the machine type and site.

Clicking a machine’s row will expand it to display more details as reported by SentinelOne, including the SentinelOne agent version and its external IP address.

Some resource pages have color coding to indicate certain statuses. For example, on the SentinelOne resource page, a yellow row indicates that this machine requires a patch. This status is also labeled by the CVE Check field on the right of the row.

The SentinelOne resource page also has a red status color. This indicates that the machine is infected. This infected status causes the “Infected” and “Active Threats” fields to appear on the right of the row in addition to the CVE Check field.

Page last updated: 2021 Oct 14

Table of contents