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Page Layout

The address page has the common three panel layout of menu overlay, facet and workspace.

Fields in the Table

Field Description
IP Address An active address in the last 24 hours
Country The Geo IP lookup country associated with the address
City The Geo IP lookup city associated with the address
Organization The owner of that IP space
Bandwidth The amount of bandwidth in the last 24 hours to or from the address
Resolved As Host names associated with the address (passive)
Fan In List List of systems connecting into the system
Source Ports Ports on the system that have had connections
Destination Ports Ports the system is making connection to.
Flow Counts Total number of flows
Alerts List of the top five alerts
Host Connected List of the top five hostname connected to.
Countries Connected Countries the address has commuted to or from.
Tags Information tags on the address
Issues Issues (Incident) tags on the address