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Time Range

There are a number of ways to change the time range on the Flow search:

  • Date Range Slider
  • Zoom Histogram Selector
  • Search within a minute (dropdown attribute)

For the exception of the “Search within a minute” attribute dropdown, the SEARCH button must be used in order to perform a call to the database to update the workspace.

Controlling the Time Range

Date Range Slider

The most common means to change the time is the data range slider that appears below the Zoomed Histogram. This slider will change its range based on the Time Range dropdown selector to its left. Below the slider are the start and end dates of the range and the time zone that GMT time is being converted into. Lastly, it shows the amount of flows (records) in the current selection.

Using the Time Range selects the amount of time leading up to the current time. To change the end data on the slider, use the From-To Date dropdowns to the left. Changing the range of the slider does not change the range of the search, unless the new range is outside the window. Once the range is changed, the selector can choose within the range.

Zoom Histogram Selector

To the top right of the Zoom Histogram are two icons:

Select Icons

  • Horizontal Select
  • Clear Select

Horizontal Select allows a user to refine the search by selecting an area on the zoom window.

Selecting an Area from the Zoom

Once an area is selected, the user can hit search and the selected area updates the time range of the search and performs it.

Once horizontal select is activated, the user must click Clear Select to turn off this feature.

Within a Minute

Outside of the window there is a third way to change the time range.

Address Dropdown Menu

In the address and host dropdown menus there is an option called “Search within a minute.” This option will recall this page but change the Time Range to be one minute before and one minute after the event time of the flow selected.