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Page Layout

This page consists of a table containing the roles that have been configured. The roles page comes preconfigured with two roles: admin and analyst. The admin role has access to all the available actions, including configuration. The analyst role is only able to perform actions related to data and analysis. Roles can be added to a user on the “Users” page to determine what access and permissions they have throughout the Fluency system.

To the right of a role there are two buttons. The left button allows you to edit a role to change its description or associated API and data policies. The right button deletes the role. The “+” button opens a window that allows you to create a new role.

Adding a Role

There are four fields available when adding a role. The first two are the name of the role and its description. The name will appear on the users page when adding or editing a user, allowing you to select this role from the dropdown menu and assign that user the policies associated with the role.

The last two fields allow you to add the names of preconfigured API and data policies. The selected policies will give those permissions to the user this role is attached to. In order to save a new role, there must be at least one API policy or data policy attached.

Page last updated: 2021 Oct 15