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Cloud Service Plugins

Fluency has the ability to integrate and accept feed from devices and services by other vendors. Fluency will analyze these imported event and "merge" them with collector/imported network traffic (flow) data to provide more insight.

Here you will find a current list of services that have supported integration.

The following devices are supported:

  • AWS CloudTrail / CloudWatch

  • Azure Event Hub

  • Bitdefender GravityZone

  • Carbon Black

  • Carbon Black PSC

  • Cisco AMP

  • GSuites

  • Office365 Management API

  • Okta

  • PagerDuty (bidirectional integration)

  • Falcon

  • Cylance

  • SentinelOne DV (Hermes) Feed

  • Symantec EPC

  • Zoom Video

  • Mimecast

  • Windows Active Directory (via NxLog agent)

In the case where we do not have a plugin available, please contact Fluency support. We will create one at no cost to the customer.