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Proof of Concept

The purpose of this PoC is to demonstrate our solution using your live data.

Our tools purpose is to help clients from a position of deep analytical insight which can only occur when you approach the solution from a “ground truth” perspective. This is achieved when all possible sources from the Cloud, to the Datacenter to the Network are ingressed into the tool. Unlike other tools, which we classify as “legacy” based, Fluency doesn’t have utility-based fees that would penalize a client for sending all data into the tool. Ground truth results when all data sources are ingressed, normalized, privatized, correlated, fused and risk scored as our advanced analytics approach achieves. At this point, real-time situational awareness and on-the-fly forensics are available allowing analysts to have intelligent and actionable data.

One of our teams’ strengths lies in our ability to work with you to ensure we can source all your data points into our system. In some cases, you may have unique products that will require a quick investigation by both our teams that results either in simple instructions to export syslog information or may require us to quickly model a process to ingest the data. Fluency takes advantage of API’s that many manufactures are now making available which have more robust and useful information that we are able to consume.

Please provide answers to the questions below and return to the Fluency technical team before the engagement is scheduled to begin.


This document outlines the guidance to install Fluency into an organizations infrastructure.

PoC Goals

1. Complete the PoC within a contiguous 30-day window, unless agreed to otherwise

2. Setup all ingress sources within weeks 1 and 2

3. Complete any parsing / scripting by end of week 2

4. Allow all data feeds to ingress for 7 contiguous days so the machine learning becomes enabled

5. During week 3 we’ll setup a first round of data analysis with the primary contacts

6. During week 3 we’ll make any final tweaks as needed

7. During week 4 we’ll start conducting training on the tool – typically 2 one-hour sessions

8. At the conclusion of week 4 you’ll make a Go / No-Go decision

9. If No-Go, Fluency Security will shut down the AWS instance and erase all client data

10. If Go, Fluency Security will convert the PoC to an active account and submit an invoice accordingly

The objective of this section is both to better plan the Proof-of-Value (POV), and also communicate the installation of the customer premise equipment (CPE) collector to the customer’s organization change control board, if one exists. If no group exists, communication to the network group is essential.

Preparation for POV

Required prior to starting PoC:

1. MNDA signed

2. Identify key management sponsor – who will make the decision or influence the decision

3. Identify key administrator(s) with access rights to equipment to work with Fluency

4. If Slack is not able to be used, identify primary method of communication

5. Notate agreed to Start Date and End Date for PoC

6. Define all ingress sources

a. Estimate daily ingress volume, if possible

b. If not possible, PoC will reveal daily ingress averages

7. Determine if UDP/TCP or TLS is required

8. Determine if onprem collector is needed vs virtual private collector

9. Determine AWS Region to host PoC