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Notification Setup

Fluency uses several approaches to notify you of alerts and other critical events you want to watch. “Event Export” is where you will define who is to receive email alerts when they are generated by the conditions you set. Secondly is the TTS (trouble ticketing system) output that is defined under “Actions”, such as Pager Duty.

Fluency has a Notification mechanism to notify user of critical events. As this is main method in which events are distributed to users outside of Fluency, it should be a priority to ensure that these “Event Export” streams are properly configured.

Refer to the notification event export page

NOTE: copy notification page to this

Event exports are configured from this page. Fluency allows the definition of logical “pipes”/”streams” to export system events and notifications.

Each logical stream can be used to select different events for exporting, based on the Selector and Lambda fields.

The event streams are then sent to one or more end points, defined in the Export stream section. These export streams are generally emailed, but can also be distributed through other methods/platforms, such as Slack channels, for instance.