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Table of contents
  1. The On-Boarding Process
    1. Deployment Prerequisites
  2. Infrastructure Setup
    1. What You Need
      1. Setting up Access to Fluency
    2. CPE Installation

The On-Boarding Process

Deployment Prerequisites

Required prior to starting Deployment

1. MNDA signed – ensures confidentiality for both parties

2. Identify key administrator(s) with access rights to equipment to work with Fluency

3. Setup private Slack channel and add required parties

a. Please send names/emails to Fluency for adding

4. If Slack is not able to be used, identify primary method of communication

5. Define all ingress sources – see chart on page 8

6. Determine if UDP/TCP or TLS is required or other routes

7. Determine if onprem collector is needed vs virtual private collector

8. Determine AWS Region to host

9. Determine TTS requirements and where to send alerts

Infrastructure Setup

What You Need

Fluency endeavors to make the deployment process simple. The focus of setting up Fluency is on the ability to get your log data into Fluency and to provide address to that data.

  • A list of people to have access
  • Network configuration data for a customer premise device
  • Access to your log data

Setting up Access to Fluency

A web link (URL) will be provided for access. Access will only occur over a properly signed HTTP/TLS communications, as noted in the Fluency Cloud Architecture.


If you do not have the link for your Fluency Cloud deployment, please contact Fluency Support to request one.

Your Cloud server will be pre-configured by Fluency Support; no configuration changes are necessary on the server.

An initial connection to the system is by username and password. After setup, two-factor authentication is recommended. This is provided by an integrated OAuth system, such as Office365 or Microsoft Azure. Contact your Fluency contact to implement this change. Until this change is made, change your password after the initial login.

Fluency does not charge based on the number of people who have access to system. A Fluency point of contact will provide at least one administrative account to your organization. This account will have the ability to add other users and determine their authentication control. While Fluency will add a list of users for access, the ability to add, suspend, and remove users will also be in control of the organization.

CPE Installation

A customer premise equipment (CPE) collector is a hardware device that stores and forwards local logs to the Fluency Cloud. When given a network tap, it collects network flow data and can run open source intrusion detection software. The CPE Collector maintains five-nines (99.999) of availability for data to be written to the Fluency Cloud.

Fluency is capable of operating withouth this CPE. If this use-case is relavent to you, please refer to the Deployment section (Collectors) for instructions on deploying your Fluency collector

Table of contents