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ResourceName - nessusPlugin

  1. Resource Data
  2. Example
    1. FPL Code
    2. Table Results

The nessusPlugin resource loads the vulnerabilities detected by a Nessus Professional scanner. This data will be present when the integration with Nessus (on-premise) is enabled.

Resource Data

An example of what this resource includes (JSON):

"@nessusPlugin": {
  "count": 17,
  "plugin_family": "General",
  "plugin_id": 95631,
  "plugin_name": "SSL Certificate Signed Using Weak Hashing Algorithm (Known CA)",
  "scanCount": 1,
  "scans": [
  "severity": "Info",
  "severityLevel": 0,
  "targets": [
  "vuln_index": 376


FPL Code

An example of loading the resource:

function loadVulnerabilities()
    load resource nessusPlugin
    let {plugin_family, plugin_id, plugin_name, scanCount, severity, scans, targets}=f("@nessusPlugin")
stream vdata=loadVulnerabilities()

Table Results

Results of the above FPL code:

Page last updated: 2022 Sep 14