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LDAP (Requires collector)

Table of contents
  1. Configuring a LDAP Query (Local collector)

Configuring a LDAP Query (Local collector)

This feature is configured in two portions. The first part will require your LDAP service account(s) credentials. This page is located in the Configurations page (“Configuration” -> “Configuration”), in the “LDAP” tab. For each LDAP account, the following information should be provided:

Description LDAP server address and port LDAP username and password BaseDN, for the LDAP query

  • for example, this may be something like “DC=lab,DC=fluencysecurity,DC=com”, or similar

One of the on-site collectors should be chosen (from the dropdown) to launch the LDAP query.

The page also provides a “Test” function to verify the supplied credentials prior to saving.