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Table of contents
  1. Configuring a Okta Plugin
    1. Okta support.

Configuring a Okta Plugin

Click the “+ CLOUD CONNECTOR” button to open a dropdown menu with connector options. Select “Okta.”

Okta support.

The new plugin framework make it much easier to add new feed. The configuration just need to steps:

1) Login to okta as admin, go to “Security” => “API”, Click “Create Token”. Give a name to the token. Copy the “Token Value”.

2) Go to Fluency “Cloud Import” page, click “Okta” button, in the Okta configuration page, fill in the okta domain of your company account. Paste the “Token Value” into the “Token” field. Click “Save”

3) The feed could be disable/enable/delete at any time. You may simply remove the generated token in okta admin page in case you want to uninstall it.