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Google Workspace

Table of contents
  1. Configuring a G-Suite Plugin
    1. GSuites event import

Configuring a G-Suite Plugin

Click the “+ CLOUD CONNECTOR” button to open a dropdown menu with connector options. Select “G-Suite”

GSuites event import

The whole process include 4 steps:

1) Enable API access: Open and log into the G Suite Admin account. The G Suite Admin console dashboard is displayed.

1a) Click Security. The Security page is displayed. 1b) Click API reference, and then select the Enable API access check box. Click SAVE

2) Add G-Suite feed in Fluency “Cloud Import” Page. The entrance is located in “Configuration” menu section.

3) The page will be redirect to Google Login page, select your gsuite admin account to login

4) The last step is Google User Consent page, please review the API permissions Fluency asks for audit event export. Click “ALLOW” to complete the setup.

You will be redirected back to Fluency after step 4. At this point, Fluency will automatically pull the GSuites audit event every 5 minutes. You will be able to “Enable/Disable” the feed at any time, or Delete it.

A warning message may appear. You should be able to select the “Advanced” option to bypass this check.

Our Support personnel should be able to address any privacy/policy concerns that you may have.

You can review the permission on

Clicking “REMOVE ACCESS” on “Fluency Cloud” will permanently remove the permission.