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Duo 2FA

This page outlines how to configure Duo for usage with the Fluency interface.

To begin, login to the Duo Security administration site. Use the sidebar menu to navigate to the “Add User” page under the “Users” category. Fill in the username field and click “Add user.”

NOTE: It is strongly recommended to use an email address as the username. However, for existing Fluency accounts, be sure this username is the same as the Fluency username.

This will redirect you to a new page with all the fields required to finish creating the new user. Fill out the required fields, including any potential aliases for the user. Click “Save Changes” to save this user.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to add an associated phone number to the user. Under the “Phones” section click “Add Phone.”

This will redirect you to the form to add a new phone number to this user. Select the type of device: phone or tablet. Then enter the desired phone number into the box and click the “Add Phone” button to save it.”

You will be redirected to a page with details about this phone number. The phone number is listed at the top of the page; beneath this, all associated users are listed, with an option to attach a new user. Below that is the “Device Info” section. You can activate Duo Mobile from here. The last section is “Settings,” where the device’s number and name can be changed. Click “Activate Duo Mobile” to continue with configuration.

This page allows you to generate a code to activate use of Duo Mobile with the new device. You can select an expiration for the code; the default is 24 hours. Click “Generate Duo Mobile Activation Code” to generate the code.

Once the code is generated, you will have the option to send installation and activation instructions to the device. These instructions will walk you through how to download and set up the Duo Mobile app. Check the desired instructions and click “Send Instructions by SMS,” or click “skip this step” if instructions are not needed.

Once all these steps have been completed, you will be able to log into the Fluency interface using Duo. Go to the Fluency site, type in your credentials, and click “LOGIN.”

This will prompt the above to appear. You will have the option to use Duo Push or have a code sent to you through text or call. Input the passcode and click “SUBMIT” to successfully log into Fluency.