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Managing collectors

Table of contents
  1. Collector Login
    1. Local Terminal (Shell) Access
    2. Network configuration
    3. Adding a Collector to a Server
    4. Further Collector configuration

Collector Login

Local Terminal (Shell) Access

Fluency virtual appliances have the following credentials for the default console login. {\it If the device is being managed remotely, the console can be reached via SSH on port 22 at .

Network configuration

The following utility commands are provided to reconfigure \texttt{eth0} to match the end-user’s internal network:

mgmt network set dhcp

mgmt network set static <ip_address> <gateway> <netmask>

mgmt dns set <dns1> <dns2>

NOTE: Use the _info subcommand, instead of set, to view current settings._

Additional Network parameters, such as Firewall rules and advanced configurations of the IP and DNS settings mentioned above, can be configured after the appliance is attached to the cloud instance.

Adding a Collector to a Server

Fluency appliances use a Server / Collector model to collect and process data. Adding a Remote Collector is a two-step process that requires configuration on both the Server and the Collector appliance.

On the Server side, a unique Token is generated for the Collector through the Web interface. You should have obtained this token prior to continuing further. Refer to the Server sections for details.

On the Collector side, this Token, as well as the hostname or IP address of the Server appliance, must be entered into the appliance via a local Terminal or SSH, as Collector appliances do not have their own web interface, and are managed exclusively through the Server appliance after initial setup.

Once a collector Token is obtained from the server, it must be added to the Collector appliance. On the collector appliance, a command is provided: (For IPv4 addresses: <server-url> should be in the form <https://server-ipv4>; IPv6 addresses: <https://[server-ipv6]>, note the additional brackets)

mgmt add_server <server-url> <token> 

NOTE: If a Server has previously been configured, running the above command will overwrite those settings.

Further Collector configuration

Once connectivity is established, configuration moves back to the server web interface.

Version: March 2018, Rev 6.5